Dennis Mattinson’s Weather Forecast for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Weather forecaster, Dennis Mattinson

WEATHER FORECAST: The Owens Valley / The Town of Mammoth Lakes 

FRI FEB 26 2021 4:02 AM PST 

SYNOPSIS: High pressure over the EPAC gets nudged Westward by an approaching upper trough from the PACNW Saturday. It will drop South into S. Nevada / Utah Saturday before getting cut off over Arizona Sunday. What does that mean for our weather? This is a dry system, so unfortunately another wind maker today into Saturday for Mammoth and the Owens Valley, with a drop in temperatures. Windy over the Crest at 80 -100 mph. For next Monday, another trough looks to split well West of the Pacific Coast and precipitation looks doubtful…DMATT



Today: Sunny. Windy. 64 / 26.

Saturday: Sunny. Blustery. 53 / 19.

Sunday: Sunny. 54 / 24.


Today: Sunny. Windy. 44 / 14.

Saturday: Sunny. Breezy. 37 / 8.

Sunday: Sunny. 39 / 13.

(Dennis’ Probability of Precipitation: 10% – Unlikely; 20% – Slight; 30 – 50% – Chance; 60 – 80% – Likely; 90 – 100% – Certain)

About Dennis Mattinson

Dennis Mattinson was an EPA Program Director and an Air Quality Specialist. He specialized in the monitoring, measurement and movement of particulate matter 2.5 and 10 microns in size (known as PM-2.5 and PM-10). He also specializes in weather forecasting of the Owens Valley and Mammoth Lakes, giving him the edge in accurate Eastern Sierra weather. Dennis was trained by the EPA and the NWS of Las Vegas to forecast meteorological parameters, to better understand PM-10 migration through-out the Owens Valley and Mono County. He began forecasting on the radio (92.5 / 96.5 FM SierraWave Media) in 2007. In 2008, TV-33 began using his local forecasts for broadcasts throughout the area. Locals and tourists from all over the world use his weather information to plan their trips, including mountain climbers and other adventurers. The movie “Iron Man” used his forecasts in their aerial filming of the mountains around the Alabama Hills.

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