Expect snow on Thursday, but wide-range of possibility in accumulation for Finger Lakes

There’s a lot of uncertainty- but it appears likely that snow will be in the forecast for Thursday.

An area of low pressure is expected to develop late-Wednesday, and as it brings precipitation to the Finger Lakes- temperatures will fall.

When they do fall- that area of precipitation will transition to snow. While the exact timing, extent, and severity is still up for debate among local forecasters- its looking pretty certain that flakes will fly.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil pointed out that snowfall totals will be highly-dependent on the exact path of the low pressure system, as well as how much cold air rushes in behind it. The region could see anywhere from an inch or two of accumulation, all the way up to 3-6 or 4-8 inches- depending on those factors.

The answer? Wait and see.

Forecasters should have a better indication of what’s going to play out by late-Tuesday or early-Wednesday.

Check out the Weather Center for the latest, as well as regional resources.


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