Essex weather forecast: New weather maps show ‘sub-tropical front’ set to hit Essex

New weather maps show a sub-tropical front that looks set to hit Essex in late May, bringing warm temperatures and sun.

With more restrictions set to ease on May 17, it could be the news all of us were after.

Weather experts have predicted temperatures are due to rise the week of May 17, with temperatures expected to reach highs of 22C from May 22.

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Accuweather is showing that temperatures are not likely to drop below highs of 19C for a whole week in Chelmsford from May 18 until June 2.

And temperatures will be warm across the entire county too, as warm and subtropical air is set to sweep across Essex.

The BBC also pointed to the “subtropical air” that can be spotted on maps, leaving them with “reasonable confidence that May should start out largely dry and settled”.

Accuweather’s long-range forecast also predicts a very warm month of May, with a particularly sunny week from May 22.

The weather expert says that temperatures will be warm, hitting highs of 22C and periods of sunshine.

However, there will be periods of rain and thunderstorms as the temperatures are set to rise.

It’s not just our county that will see soaring temperatures – the whole of England is set to go through a heatwave next month.

Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, predicted temperatures to potentially reach sweltering highs 21C in England) by the end of the month after a cool spell this week.

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Speaking to the Express, he said: “There is likely to be some rain around, but most computer models are suggesting that high pressure will bring a lot of dry weather during the rest of the month.

“The best chance of some proper spring warmth is likely to be during the last week of April, with computer models suggesting about a 30 per cent chance of temperatures reaching 21C.”

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