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Senate bill seeks to help homeowners prepare for natural disasters

U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) recently introduced a bipartisan bill to help taxpayers who decide to prepare their homes for natural disasters. © Shutterstock The Disaster Mitigation and Tax Parity Act would make rebates that homeowners receive for making natural disaster mitigation improvements to their homes exempt from federal taxes. “North Carolinians who receive disaster […]

Disasters such as Black Summer will become more frequent and more dangerous, experts say

Experts warn Australia is at high risk of another Black Summer. Picture: David Gray / Getty Images Australia is at extreme risk of a repeat of the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires, a parliamentary committee has heard. Ninety per cent of buildings in fire prone areas are not bushfire-resilient, and the young, regenerating forests in the […]

Commentary: The world’s cascade of disasters is not a coincidence | National News

“It never rains, but what it pours,” sang Judy Garland to Mickey Rooney in 1938, memorably describing what happens “if Lady Luck should happen to desert you.” “You stub your toe, ouch, You hit your elbow, ooh, You bump your head, ooh. You step on a tack and you let out a howl.There’s soap in […]

‘Tattoo Redo’: Syracuse native Jessimae Peluso hosts new Netflix show about body ink disasters

If you’ve ever seen (or gotten) a tattoo that says “NO RAGRETS,” you might want to binge-watch Netflix’s newest show. Syracuse native Jessimae Peluso hosts “Tattoo Redo,” an all-new reality series featuring people with embarrassing body ink from a drunken night out, a lost bet, a relationship gone wrong, or a poorly researched internet source. […]

Devastated by Disasters, Lake Charles Is Still Waiting for Help

LAKE CHARLES, La. — Nic Hunter, the mayor of Lake Charles, has no doubt that elected officials in Washington are well aware of everything his city has weathered. They have told him so, repeatedly. President Donald J. Trump flew to Louisiana last August after it was shredded by Hurricane Laura. “You took a big punch,” […]

Why Are So Many Extreme Weather Disasters Happening At Once?

The last month has seen lethal, and often unprecedented, extreme weather across the Northern Hemisphere. Climate scientists say human-driven changes to the atmosphere have made events like these more likely, but how much any specific event can be attributed to human activity remains debated. Nevertheless, many regard it as plausible that human activity not only […]

Resilience for all: Building health equity infrastructure for climate-driven disasters

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve experienced a wave of climate-driven disasters in recent years. This includes the most destructive wildfire season in California history, which arrived during an unprecedented heatwave that led utilities to conduct rolling power shut-offs in communities vulnerable to fire. That was on top of the COVID-19 pandemic and a […]

Preventing climate disasters will be costly

BERLIN (AP) — The Green party candidate hoping to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany’s upcoming election warned Monday that efforts to better prepare the country against climate-related disasters is going to be costly and will require tapping into additional sources of revenue. Annalena Baerbock, whose party is trailing Merkel’s center-right Union bloc in recent […]
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