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Hot streak continues as Preppers rout Wolverines | Sports

The University School Preppers baseball team’s start to the season was anything but smooth. The offense didn’t score a run through its first two games of the season but head coach Rob McNerney said he wasn’t fretting. The Preppers had faced some stiff competition to open the season against the Walsh Jesuit Warriors and the […]

Preppers switch to ‘survival’ mode as they sit out Christmas rush to shops

Preppers have made plans to go without shopping for months in case widespread shortages hit the supply chain (Picture: Josh Layton/PA) Preppers who have already stocked their shelves to the brim have avoided the pre-Christmas rush to the shops as they adopt a ‘survivalist’ mindset. The stockpilers – who make active preparations for an emergency […]

Were the Doomsday Preppers Right?

White Plastic Container on Brown Wooden Table Source: Photo by Garreth Brown from Pexels Spoiler alert: The short answer is “sort of.” Doomsday preppers are those who believe that a doomsday scenario or societal collapse is imminent and, therefore, spend a good portion of their time preparing for survival. For example, they might stockpile supplies […]

Going underground: research in the bunker with doomsday preppers

When Bradley Garrett began to explore the world of doomsday survivalists, he expected to meet a collection of oddballs and misfits driven half-crazy by the notion that an apocalyptic event was imminent. “I thought they would be paranoid, anxious and fearful – in fact, they were very peaceful, almost Zen-like,” recalls Garrett, who recently took […]

What disaster preppers say we needed to do all along | Life

For three months, Jonathan and Kylene Jones didn’t step foot inside a grocery store. They relied on their Utah home’s built-in storage room supply: flour, rice, beans, a freezer full of food. That was last summer. The couple, founders of the “The Provident Prepper” website and YouTube channel, wanted to do a 90-day trial of […]
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